Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   Why has Sweet & Maxwell moved to Westlaw Quickview+?

A:   Sweet & Maxwell has partnered with West, a fellow Thomson Reuters Corporation company and the largest legal online and print publisher in the United States, to implement Westlaw Quickview+. West has been using a version of this system for a number of years and they continue to build enhancements to the system to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Leveraging the core West technology enables us to provide far more flexibility and many more features than we could develop and support on our own.

Q:   What are the advantages of using Westlaw Quickview+?

A:   Westlaw Quickview+ enables you to:

·         Streamline your reporting process

·         Set up auto-reporting so you can avoid creating the same reports month after month

·         Choose from multiple report formats or customise your reports

·         Group locations, departments or cost centres into one report so you can simplify the reporting process or provide an overview of specific areas of your business

·         Create client invoices if you wish

·         View pay-per-view usage

·         Email reports directly to impacted parties within your organisation, and

·         Set up report criteria specific to your organisation

Q:   Is there any charge for Westlaw Quickview+?

A:   No. Sweet & Maxwell is pleased to be able to provide advanced reporting functionality to aid you in effectively managing your business.


Q:    Who can access Westlaw Quickview+?

A:     Your organisation determines who will have administrative access to Westlaw Quickview+.

Q:    Can everyone in my firm use Westlaw Quickview+?

A:     Westlaw Quickview+ supports multiple Administrators for the same set of accounts, but is not intended for “end user” use. If you do not have access, please contact your local Administrator(s).

Q:    Why can’t I log in to Westlaw Quickview+?

A:     If you have not been identified as an Administrator for Westlaw Quickview+, please see your internal Administrator(s).              

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